Our 44th Year. 2019 Season Update.

“The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Dan Millman
Welcome to the 44th season at Mapletree Farm! East Concord’s best kept secret and the only continuously operating sugarhouse in the capital city.
Last year, we focused on the changes that had occurred here at Mapletree Farm, which were huge. That hasn’t stopped for 2019, and while most are more subtle, they are still very significant.  Over the past year, we continued with a few smaller building upgrades and finishing touches, a few equipment upgrades, more taps and of course, a new website.  Mapletreefarmnh.com is now e-commerce friendly for the ease and convenience to our awesome customers.  As with any change, there are always challenges, so bear with us as we work through a few kinks.  As always we are only a phone call or e-mail away if you prefer personal assistance.
It is fairly well known in the maple circle that here at Mapletree Farm we generally do not tap as early as others. We still like to wait until later in February when the sap is sweeter. This year, Mother Nature has largely cooperated with us and our later tapping has been timed well with the weather, so we are now on our way to making some great syrup and plenty is available for sale.
This year our Annual Open House Weekend is March 23rd and 24th which is the traditional New Hampshire Maple Weekend. Come see how our maple syrup is made, filtered and packaged. Come and visit, take a tour through the planted maple orchard, watch the sap dripping into buckets and traveling down the tubing network into the sugarhouse. Sample our maple products including maple syrup, maple cream, and sugar on snow. And as always feel free to ask us questions. We love to tell people about maple!
Come and have a Blast!

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