In memory of Margaret F. Wilber

It’s been quite a year at Mapletree Farm with tremendous highs and lows. The nature of sugaring operation requires that you learn to expect and accept things that are out of your control. Snow depth, temperature, sugar content and syrup grades, wind and animal damage are all part of the puzzle that has to be pieced together to make a successful season.

This past September, Mapletree Farm was hit with an event that was both unexpected and out of everyone’s control – the sudden death of Meg Wilber. Meg was a wonderful wife, friend and mentor to many and her absence is felt daily.

Many of you dealt with Meg when you were ordering syrup, visiting the sugaring operation or at the tasting table during maple weekend. Meg spent countless hours during the year on maple – helping to make and package various products. She enjoyed accompanying Dean on trips to pick up supplies and attending maple school. The loss of Meg is profound; nevertheless, she would want Mapletree Farm to continue with its long-term vision and to enjoy sugaring season.

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