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Grade A Maple Syrup

Our genuine Grade A Maple Syrup is delicious poured over pancakes, waffles, French toast, donuts, cereal or ice cream. It can be used to flavor a milk shake, glaze a ham, added to vegetables, or hundreds of other ways. The darker colored syrups will have a more pronounced maple flavor and are great for cooking and unusual salad dressing and barbecues sauces.

Check out Uses of Mapletree Farm products for more information. All maple syrup should be refrigerated once it has been opened. We use no chemicals or preservatives in making our pure maple syrup.
Maple Cream
A delectable spread for toast, bagels, English muffins and other foods. It is made from pure maple syrup and contains no additives. Maple cream is made by heating light amber maple syrup to a prescribed temperature, then rapidly cooling and stirring until it is creamy. Maple cream is an all-time favorite - some maple connoisseurs eat it straight from the spoon!
Maple Crystals (Indian Sugar)
A granulated maple product that is a flavorful substitute for white or brown sugar. It gives a delicious taste to baked goods.
Maple crystals sprinkled on toast and vegetables is a taste hard to beat. Maple crystals require no refrigeration and may be kept right on the table for frequent enjoyment.
Maple Coated Nuts
Almonds and pecans that we purchase directly from growers to ensure freshness. In a special process developed by Dean, the nuts are stirred into extra thick, hot syrup and then cured. Eating just one is a real challenge!

Maple Candy
Made by heating maple syrup to a prescribed temperature, then stirring and pouring into molds when it is at the right consistency. It requires no refrigeration and is hard to resist!
Pure Maple Flavors and Current Grades
Maple syrup is graded according to color determined by light transmittance. Mapletree Farm started using the new International Grade Standards in our 2015 production year.

Grading is performed to very strict standards and we are proud to earn the State of New Hampshire Seal of Quality.
Grade A Golden Delicate Taste has replaced Grade A Light Amber. This syrup has a delicate or mild maple flavor and is the lightest and most golden colored syrup produced.
Grade A Amber Rich Taste has replaced Grade A Medium Amber. This syrup has a richer and more pronounced maple flavor. Consumers wanting a full-bodied maple flavor of medium intensity will prefer Grade A Amber Rich Taste. Its color is amber and a little deeper in color than golden.
Grade A Dark Robust Taste has replaced Grade A Dark Amber. This syrup has a stronger, more robust flavor than syrup in the lighter classes. Consumers preferring darker syrup with a substantial or robust maple flavor will like this grade.
Grade A Very Dark has replaced Grade B.
This syrup has the darkest color, the strongest maple flavor, and is usually used in cooking. Some consumers may prefer this grade for table use.