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Placing an Order


Orders may be placed for items in any of three ways:

Mailing Address:

Mapletree Farm LLC

105 Oak Hill Rd.

Concord, NH 03301

  • Call us at (603) 224-0820


Please include contact information so that we can call back to arrange payment and shipping details.  Payment for product must be received before shipment. 

Payment Methods:

  • Check with mailed-in order.  Remember to add shipping.  See Shipping Maple Syrup/Maple Products below for rate estimates.

  • Credit Card.  We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, and JCB.


Shipping Maple Syrup/Maple Products

We will gladly package and ship maple syrup and maple products for you.  We suggest the US Postal Service flat rate boxes as the best value.  Currently the medium box ships anywhere in the US for $13.65 and the large box ships for $18.90.  US Postal Service Rates are subject to change.  If requested we can also ship UPS.  Overseas rates available on request.

The medium box holds:     four pints

                                 OR    two quarts

                                 OR    one half gallon

                                 OR    various mixes of the above sizes

The large box holds:          eight pints

                                 OR    four quarts

                                 OR    two half gallons

                                 OR    various mixes of the above sizes

Note: gallons will not fit in either flat rate box.  FYI, it is less expensive to ship two half gallons in a flat rate box than one gallon by standard rate.

Smaller size containers and specialty glass vary as to the number per box.

We use recycled packaging material.  We do not charge a handling fee for packaging and mailing your order.

We always appreciate your business!