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Late Fall/Early Winter 2015 Update

We have experienced a spectacular fall here at Mapletree Farm. The vivid colors of our maples will be remembered as some of the best ever. Those maple leaves have fallen but we still see nicely colored oaks on the tree line. Our weather has been warmer than normal with little rain. We have taken advantage of this warmth to do major cutting and pruning in the orchards. Trees crowding the sugar maples have been pruned back or cut and the wood has been saved to fuel the evaporator in 2017. Yes, we cut our firewood over a year in advance as dry wood makes the hottest fire.

I was honored to be a guest speaker alongside Governor Maggie Hassan at the Opening Ceremony at the 139th Deerfield Fair. Naturally we spoke about maple syrup in New Hampshire and its benefits to the NH economy. Do you know that NH producers drilled 560,000 taps last spring and made 154,000 gallons of maple syrup? At $60 per gallon average retail, that is over $9 million in revenue. Value-added products such as maple candy, maple cream and other maple confections bring the total even higher.

Our Website and our brochure provide important information for you on the new maple syrup grading standards set by the International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI). We switched to the International system with this season’s production. In 2016 all syrup sold in NH must be labeled according to the new grading system. NH still requires a higher density standard than all but one other state or province. Yes, NH syrup is nearly a degree thicker than most and that is very noticeable on your tongue and on your pancakes. You get more sweet for your money here!

In approximately 90 days we will be out tapping our trees. So what is to be done between now and then? Lots! Once Thanksgiving has passed Christmas orders keep us busy. We still have a few of our 40th Anniversary Commemorative one-liter jugs if you are looking for a unique and flavorful gift. Yes, it can be shipped. The US Postal Service flat rate boxes are the best way to send our maple products across the country. The medium box holds a half gallon, two quarts, four pints, or 8 half pints. The cost is $12.65. The large box holds two half gallons, four quarts, eight pints, or 16 half pints. The cost for the large box is $17.90. We will work with you to determine best rates for other selections or combinations.

In late December and January we work on tap lines, either repairing storm and animal damage or making new installations. Starting in February we will be setting up the roadside collection tanks and preparing the sugarhouse. By mid-February we are watching the weather and looking for clues indicating when to tap. Our favorite clue is seeing squirrels nipping maple buds and drinking the sap. Mother Nature is wonderful!

As always, we welcome both your questions and your visits. Like so many small producers we do not have a store or regular hours. It is best to call ahead to make certain someone will be around. We do not want to miss your visit! Often we may be out gathering sap, checking tap lines or making deliveries.

We like to share our story and our history with those who do not yet understand why sap flows, how maple syrup is made, or what work is involved in getting that syrup from maple tree sap to finished syrup on their table.

There are only a relatively few short days during the year that sap flows. We work many weeks to get ready for those limited days when Mother Nature provides just the right temperatures for sap to flow. We try hard not to miss that very first run!

Over the years we have made many friends at the sugarhouse, which has been most rewarding for my family and myself. I encourage you to mark your calendar now for a maple sugarhouse visit in March. You will not regret it. We will update our Website with the Maple Weekend dates once the NH Maple Producers Association has set the dates. I’m looking forward to my 69th year of being involved in making maple syrup and our 41st  season here at the Farm.

Welcome to Mapletree Farm. In 2015 we celebrated our 40th year of producing quality NH-made maple from our sugarhouse in East Concord, New Hampshire. Making maple syrup is a craft requiring skill, knowledge and an eye for perfection. Combining practices passed down through the generations with the latest technology available allows us to make exceptional maple products, with a difference that you can taste. Maple makes a great gift. We ship our products all over the world, and will be happy to work with you on your order whether you are interested in a gift for yourself, a loved one, or for unique corporate promotions. We hope you come by and visit us during sugaring season to see our operation and our maple products. You can also check out our products page to see the variety of authentic maple products available.
Sincerely, Meg and Dean Wilber

This year's Open House will be on March 19 & 20, 2016.
Hours:  10am to 4pm.

We Hope To See You There!

Visit Concord's best-kept maple secret!

You'll be able to:
  • Try samples of syrup, coated nuts, sugar on snow and maple cream
  • See the sugar house in operation
  • Learn how syrup is made!
  • Watch the sap flow through hundreds of feet of tubing
  • Take a self-guided walking tour of the orchard and woodland
  • Stock up on maple products
Fun for the whole family!
Click here for directions!

Hours - By Appointment

We have farmers' hours.  That is, when we are at the maple farm or farmhouse we are open.  Unlike larger maple producers we do not have set hours at our farmhouse store. We are often out working the sap lines, cutting firewood, or packaging syrup.

We are glad to have visitors so please let us know in advance when you would like to come, by contacting us either by phone or email.  We will confirm that we are around and looking forward to your visit.

603-224-0820 or