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April 30, 2015 Update

I started out my last Update of March 13th by writing that the season
was a couple of weeks late and that 2015 may be one of the seasons
extending into April. I seldom predict the maple season but I did
and was right this year. One thing is for certain with the maple
season is that it is over when the peepers sing. The peepers were
loud and clear the night of April 14th – our last boil was the 15th. We
made approximately 7/8th of a normal crop this season despite the
very late start. We have the three lightest grades of Grade A syrup in
stock starting with Golden Delicate, then Amber Rich, and finally
Dark Robust. The few gallons we made of Extra Dark Strong sold
out quickly. The deep snow and cold weather enabled us to make a
crop of really nice light colored syrup. The flavor is consistently
good and the syrup is clear and sparkles.

During production season we enjoyed the company of many visitors.
We love to share the maple story with them and explain the
production process. Our Annual Open House weekend attracts
hundreds of people. The educational self-guided walking tour is
most popular. Meg keeps very busy dishing out samples of sugar on
snow, maple syrup, and maple cream. Visitors enjoy seeing the
evaporator at full boil and love smelling the rising steam. This is
spring and the maple season at it’s finest.

We receive many phone calls during March and April about visiting
and buying our products. Once in a while we take a call that amuses
us. I’ll share one such call: The caller asked if we were boiling in late
April. I remarked that I wished we were but our season was over.
The caller then explained: “maple sap always runs in March and
April and it runs until the tree runs dry.” In 68 years of being around
maple I had never heard that before!

Cleanup is well underway. The roadside tanks have been cleaned
and are in storage, sap line cleaning is underway and about 65%
complete, the evaporator cleaning is nearly done, and the reverse
osmosis unit has been cleaned and prepared for storage. Soon the
entire sugarhouse will be clean and orderly for the off-season. And
then it will be time to cut, split, and stack next season’s firewood and
work on future sap line expansion. It would be so nice if maple
syrup just ran out of the tree and right into the jug (you have
probably seen that picture)! As a long time sugarmaker I can assure
you that I would be bored if that actually happened.

Our 40th Anniversary commemorative jug has been well received.
Half of the 200 specially printed one-liter glass jugs sold during the
Open House. We do have a few Anniversary jugs left filled with
Grade A Amber Rich maple syrup. First come - first served. Maple
syrup is available here at the farmhouse most of the time. It is best to
call to ensure we are home before you visit. We also will ship your
order. Currently the most reasonable shipping is in the medium and
large Flat Rate boxes from the US Postal Service. Call or email if you
have questions on shipping.

We always appreciate your interest in Mapletree Farm. Thank You


Welcome to Mapletree Farm. In 2015 we will be celebrating our 40th year of producing quality NH-made maple from our sugarhouse in East Concord, New Hampshire. Making maple syrup is a craft requiring skill, knowledge and an eye for perfection. Combining practices passed down through the generations with the latest technology available allows us to make exceptional maple products, with a difference that you can taste.

Maple makes a great gift. We ship our products all over the world, and will be happy to work with you on your order whether you are interested in a gift for yourself, a loved one, or for unique corporate promotions.

We hope you come by and visit us during sugaring season to see our operation and our maple products. You can also check out our products page to see the variety of authentic maple products available.


Meg and Dean Wilber

We are celebrating our 40th season!

Visit Concord's best-kept maple secret!  You'll be able to:
  • Try samples of syrup, coated nuts, sugar on snow and maple cream
  • See the sugar house in operation
  • Learn how syrup is made!
  • Watch the sap flow through hundreds of feet of tubing
  • Take a self-guided walking tour of the orchard and woodland
  • Stock up on maple products
Fun for the whole family!

Click here for directions!

Purchase one of our limited edition 40th Anniversary jugs, filled with a liter of Mapletree Farm maple syrup!