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March 26, 2015 Update

Maple Weekend is here! We hope to see you on either Saturday or Sunday. I’m sure you are wondering whether the sap is running. Yes, it has run some but not as much as usual. The season is about two weeks late. We do have syrup, maple cream, maple coated nuts, maple crystals, maple candy, and maple cotton candy but quantities are limited. As always, we are happy to take orders.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend. And by the way, it is mud season with still lots of snow in some areas so if you care to take our popular self-guided orchard tour, you may want to wear boots.

Mid-March 2015 Update

It's Friday the 13th and where is the sap?  This season is a couple of weeks late due to the subnormal temperatures and huge amounts of snow last month.  Snowshoes have been our best friends as we have been busy in the woods getting ready.  The snow is still 18 to 24 inches in some areas.  This will be one of our latest seasons to get tapped out.  The sap is finally beginning to run. 2015 may be one of those seasons extending into April.

Without making any predictions about the maple season, we feel confident that we will have plenty of maple products for you by Maple Weekend on March 28th and 29th.  We look forward to having you help us celebrate our 40th year of making maple syrup here at Mapletree Farm!  Be sure to check out our special commemorative one-liter glass jug.  There are only 200 of these so first come, first served.  We are Concord's only continuously operating maple farm and the best-kept secret in this area.

Previous Update from January 2015:

The winter solstice has passed, days are getting longer, and the sun’s rays are warmer. The New Year is here! We are excited – this will be the 40th Anniversary Season for Mapletree Farm. We are Concord’s only continuously operating maple sugarhouse. Yes we will be celebrating during our Annual Open House on Maple Weekend March 28th and 29th. Please mark your calendar. We hope that you will join us for the festivities.

2014 was another good year for Mapletree Farm. The season was on the scant side of average but the maple syrup flavor and quality was above average. I recall one boil of dark amber syrup that had unforgettable and remarkable maple flavor. It was just outstanding. That syrup proved to many customers that flavor is far more important than color in maple syrup. I’ll bet you can guess what we saved for our table syrup.

The wet heavy snowfall on Thanksgiving Day was hard on our maple trees. Our planted maple orchard beyond the sugarhouse suffered significant damage. Many of the large limbs were broken and are now hanging or lying on the ground. We cannot cut or trim those damaged limbs now, as any fresh cuts will leak a significant amount of sap, weakening the trees. We will trim off those broken limbs in August when all sap flow has ceased. This season those damaged trees will rest and not be tapped. Our dense woods trees fared much better although broken limbs from nearby pine trees took down many of our lines. We have been working in the woods to clear blown down limbs and to restore sap lines. Sap lines must be straight, tight, and downhill for good efficient sap flow.

The New Hampshire Legislature has adopted the new maple syrup grading standards proposed by the International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI). Our last update mentioned that this grade change was coming. New Hampshire producers will have a year to transition to the new standards. Vermont made the change to the new standards last year. Our 2015 maple syrup will bear the new grade standards. The old grades will not be used. You will see four new color and flavor descriptors this year: Grade A Golden Delicate Taste; Grade A Amber Rich Taste; Grade A Dark Robust Taste; and Grade A Very Dark Strong Taste on our maple syrup. Detailed descriptors are listed in the Products Section of this Website.

In addition to color and taste sensation, there is another important part of the Grade Standard change and that is density. The new minimum density will be 66% Brix. We have always used 66.9% Brix as our density requirement. You will definitely sense by taste the lower density; 0.9% less density will taste much weaker and thinner. We will continue to use 66.9%
as the density of our syrup even though we could produce and sell more of the thinner syrup. Don’t hesitate to call or email us should you have questions about the new Grade Standard.

The broken limbs and storm damaged maples remind us of a frequently asked question: when does sap flow? We know that the maple season is usually from late February until early April in our area, but sap will flow other months as well. Sap has been flowing from those damaged trees every day that the temperature has been above freezing, when preceded by below freezing temperatures the night before. So, sap will flow in October, November, December, and January when there is the proper temperature range. Experimentation has shown that sap has low sugar content during those months and the temperature range is not conducive to consistent sap flow. Until climate change forces us to do otherwise, we will continue to tap in late February and be content with the sap that Mother Nature provides

We are looking forward to the season and hope to see you then. Please mark your calendar for our 40th Anniversary Open House on Maple Weekend on March 28th & 29th. We always appreciate your interest in Mapletree Farm.


Welcome to Mapletree Farm. In 2015 we will be celebrating our 40th year of producing quality NH-made maple from our sugarhouse in East Concord, New Hampshire. Making maple syrup is a craft requiring skill, knowledge and an eye for perfection. Combining practices passed down through the generations with the latest technology available allows us to make exceptional maple products, with a difference that you can taste.

Maple makes a great gift. We ship our products all over the world, and will be happy to work with you on your order whether you are interested in a gift for yourself, a loved one, or for unique corporate promotions.

We hope you come by and visit us during sugaring season to see our operation and our maple products. You can also check out our products page to see the variety of authentic maple products available.


Meg and Dean Wilber

This year's Open House will be on March 28 and 29, 2015.
10 am to 4 pm both days.

Come and celebrate our 40th season!

Visit Concord's best-kept maple secret!  You'll be able to:
  • Try samples of syrup, coated nuts, sugar on snow and maple cream
  • See the sugar house in operation
  • Learn how syrup is made!
  • Watch the sap flow through hundreds of feet of tubing
  • Take a self-guided walking tour of the orchard and woodland
  • Stock up on maple products
Fun for the whole family!

Click here for directions!

Purchase one of our limited edition 40th Anniversary jugs, filled with a liter of Mapletree Farm maple syrup!